CRAN package download logs

These log files contain all hits to related to packages. The raw log files have been parsed into CSV and anonymised as described at the bottom of the page.

Daily package downloads

Each file contents the following variables:

Downloading from R

  # Here's an easy way to get all the URLs in R
  start <- as.Date('2012-10-01')
  today <- as.Date('2024-06-15')

  all_days <- seq(start, today, by = 'day')

  year <- as.POSIXlt(all_days)$year + 1900
  urls <- paste0('', year, '/', all_days, '.csv.gz')
  # You can then use download.file to download into a directory.

  # If you only want to download the files you don't have, try:
  missing_days <- setdiff(all_days, tools::file_path_sans_ext(dir(), TRUE))

Daily R downloads